My interests are many and varied - I enjoy history (much more than I ever did at school) and am an avid Time Team viewer.
Music - I enjoy a very wide selection of music,but without doubt,my favourite band is The Pogues;an eclectic mix of incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists,led by the gravel-voiced lyrical genius that is Shane MacGowan
Nature - love learning about trees;what they look like,how to identify them,what they can be used for.
Timber - being able to identify timber without the clues of bark,leaves,and shape;discovering it's uses and working properties.
Trivia - I find useless facts probably more interesting than I should,and try to utilise this knowledge on Quiz Night at my local pub on Thursday nights (who also have had some cracking artists and bands on Music Nights - The Blethermen being undoubtedly the best so far)
Work - yes,I actually enjoy my job,and still like to expand my knowledge whenever possible.
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